Thursday, November 3, 2022

My Suitcase



I carried her suitcase

No, it was my suitcase

I never saw it again

My blue cloth coat was full

The girl in the drugstore giggled

When I asked directions

Her mother, the owner shushed her

Lorrie was in the Florence Crittenton, 

A home for unwed mothers

Her due date was approaching

We went to see the baby later

I brought it a present

She didn’t, just her big toothy grin

Life was like that for Lorrie

At least I thought it was

I was her friend

She went to see her biological mother once

She didn’t have time for Lorrie

Ironing board up, kids running around

Barely acknowledged her

Lorrie left for Virginia with a sailor

I never saw my suitcase again


©2015 Muriel Thumm

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