Thursday, March 31, 2022

I Want a Room


I want a room I've never entered before

A pen I've never held

Blank paper

Bare chair

I'll sign a confession, but my stipulation?

I write the body of the confession

I'll confess to everything that I have ever done

I'll confess to things I wish I had done

I'll confess to things I never would have done

I'll confess to the blackest thing you can think of

in your my heart

Well, I didn't exactly do this blackest thing

but the Bible says thinking about doing it

is as bad as doing it, doesn't leave any margin

Oh, let me confess in a bare room

with a pen of no nomenclature

a quill even

on a steady piece of paper

and in a firm hand


© 2019 Muriel Thumm

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Maybe in the morning


Maybe in the morning

                       with trees against clouds

my headache will be gone

                       like thin boundaries of time

Maybe in the morning

                       so easy the slip

he’ll come for me again

                       into the frame of my life

Maybe in that morning

                       in my life I’ll see them

when he’s no longer here

                       in my own space, but

Maybe in some morning

                       with membranes against the sky

I’ll see rainbows in the trees

                       leaves eaten by worms.


© 2022 Muriel Thumm


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