Friday, November 25, 2022



It's that whole sapien thing!

We think we have a right

to immortality

and the animals don't.

That we won't rot.

Something about transcending

the flesh or whatever.

What's this! The god desire?


So what! we can think, can read,

can gain knowledge.  Biggie.

The memory of knowledge?

None.  Memory has a self-editing tool

long before the worms get to you.


©2015 Muriel Thumm

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Love on The Third Rail



The Third Rail

Is close enough to touch

Should I? Dark and mysterious

Down here on the tracks

Wish I could be like the others

Smiling on the platform, some glum

But none taking the risks I take

Some call it reckless

But if it’s wreckless, no wreck involved

Then the risk is a gain

So where do you come in

Sad and reckless man

Will you join me on the third rail

Watch out for sparks


©2019 Muriel Thumm

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Second Sight



I saw a young scientist

at work today

and could see him as an old man

tufts growing out his ears. But

just the other day

I saw an old man and, for him,

I erased wrinkles

firmed his jaw muscles

and could see what a fine-looking

young fellow he had been.

What is my mind doing

of its own volition?

I didn't ask for this second sight.


©2016 Muriel Thumm

My Suitcase



I carried her suitcase

No, it was my suitcase

I never saw it again

My blue cloth coat was full

The girl in the drugstore giggled

When I asked directions

Her mother, the owner shushed her

Lorrie was in the Florence Crittenton, 

A home for unwed mothers

Her due date was approaching

We went to see the baby later

I brought it a present

She didn’t, just her big toothy grin

Life was like that for Lorrie

At least I thought it was

I was her friend

She went to see her biological mother once

She didn’t have time for Lorrie

Ironing board up, kids running around

Barely acknowledged her

Lorrie left for Virginia with a sailor

I never saw my suitcase again


©2015 Muriel Thumm


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