Monday, May 25, 2020

Time Traveler

He came from a different time, earlier than ours. He came from last year. 
He walked through a door, found himself in a CVS parking lot and knew somehow he had to pick up a prescription. He turned toward the store and saw there were people waiting in line outside. They were all wearing masks but he wasn’t aware of any pollution in the air. Also, they were keeping great distancesbetween each other.  

As there was a big gap between the door and the first masked individual, he reached for the handle. A man inside the first door with a security badge barred him from entering. The man said he had cut in line, but he protested that there was a lot of room and no reason not to open the door and go ahead. These other people seemed uninterested.  

Then the security person told him he must wear a mask in the store and where was his. He protested that, too. He said, “I have cash. I have no intent to rob CVS as these others here may have.” The security man grabbed the front of his shirt and said, “I’m calling the police.”
At this, the Time Traveler shrugged him off, walked across the parking lot and looked for that door.

©2020 Muriel Thumm

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