Sunday, March 3, 2019

Picking my way over food scraps

Picking my way over food scraps
and litter in Chinatown
on my way to work,
my attitude is just fine

For where I live.
Three cars went through
the red light on Kneeland
There's a lot of color-blindness
in this town

A woman in South Station sat on my right
Her cell phone was stolen by a drug cartel
She knew it was government-entrapment
She's been targeted before
You just nod, you don't take sides
Don't know who might be on your left

The stranger on the Red Line
who worried someone would rob her
had to come into Boston for medical reasons
"They can't get us all," I told her.
I couldn't see that it comforted her.

I'm disheartened, though
Big Brother is everywhere
telling us how to act on the T.
Don't use your cell phone in the quiet car.
Smoking is prohibited on T property.
The disembodied voice telling us
how to be human.


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